We will be back very soon !

Hi all, I’ve received the following email today from the BAB. ____________________________

Supplement 33 to the Coronavirus Guidance – England

Steve Billett the BAB Covid-19 Officer attended an online meeting with Sport England at 12:30 pm today (13th July 2021) where they advised the latest information prior to the government guidance and Sport England FAQs being published later this week, hopefully before the 19th July 2021.

Information Received from Sport England.

  • Full Contact Aikido can resume for both Adults and Juniors as of 19th July 2021.
  • There is no limit on class size or who you can train with.
  • The use of face covering is at the choice of the club leader, but is NOT a legal requirement.
  • The use of the NHS Track and Trace QR code to register at your club is suggested, but is not a legal requirement.
  • Some of your club members may be anxious about contact aikido , The BAB suggests that you should be sensitive to this and you could refer to the BAB Return to the Dojo documentation Phase 2 & 3 for guidance. Although this is no longer a legal requirement as of the 19th July 2021.

Based upon this information the BAB expects that in England, clubs will be able to train with full contact aikido as of the week commencing 19th July. In light of this please ensure your BAB membership is current & valid as it includes your person to person and public liability insurance.  ___________________________________

Last weekend I sent off a few insurance renewals for those members who had expressed an interest in starting up again soon, so once I have confirmed all is in order on the insurance front and also that Berrywood Hospital is ok for us to resume practice and triple checked the T’s and C’s from the BAB perspective We are good to go !!

If anyone would like further info, please either email me using s.w.copson@gmail.com or phone me on 07808 571089.

Failing that, please watch this space for the latest info.

I anticipate it may be a week or 2, before we get back to a very gentle reintroduction of our bodies to the mat !


Cheers Steve

Grimsby Course November 2016

Hi All,

Here’s a few photos from the recent Grimsby Course. It was a great weekend, great practice, great company, great food and drink – what more can you ask !

Thanks to our friends in Grimsby for hosting once again and thanks everyone that came along.

Here’s to more practice and courses in the new year.

nov-2016-group-1   nov-2016-group-3nov-2016-group-2 nov-2016-cathy


Grimsby Aikido Course – June 2015 – Update 1

Grimsby Aikido Course – June 2015 – Update 1

Hi Everyone,

Here is the first of two updates on the Aikido course in Grimsby a few weeks ago.

For all those that couldn’t make it, it really was a great course and even though we from Aikido Northampton did not stop for the Sunday session, we thoroughly enjoyed it, both on and off the mat !

It started off on Friday evening with our old friend (in both senses of the phrase) Mike Jennings being awarded a long overdue grade of 4th Dan, made even more special by the completely full mat and also an appearance by his first ever Aikido Instructor John Gorry

.Mike Jennings Class2

Mike Jennings Class1

mike aub old instr.

John Gorry explaining how he knocked some Aikdo basics into Mike on his first class

Well Done Mike !

Grimsby Aikido Course – 19th, 20th & 21st June

Hi all,

There is a course in Grimsby on the above dates which will, I’m sure, be very worthwhile attending if possible.

The Friday night session (not shown on the poster) will be at the Sports and Leisure centre Cleethorpes and will be ran by Mike Jennings.

The Saturday and Sunday are are a different venue with many different instructors – please see the poster for more details. Any questions – just speak to Steve, Cathy or Joe.

You obviously don’t have to attend all sessions, hope to see you there.


The Effect Of Aikido On The Individual

3rddan Thesis

Back in 2000, I took my 3rd Dan in Aikido. The grading consisted of me instructing a 1/2 day course to a range of grades of Aikido, then peforming techniques as requested by the examiner (Vince Thompson)

However, the most daunting aspect was being asked to to produce a paper on “The Effect Of Aikido On The Individual”. I had not done anything like this in years and to be honest, dreaded the thought.

However, as soon as I had done it, I felt I had actually learned a lot about myself in the process.