Cathy Knight


Cathy Knight

 Aikido : 3rd Dan

My Aikido journey started 30 years ago when I was looking to find something to replace dance and ease me away from teaching and choreographing.

A policeman friend suggested I had a try at Aikido. The dojo was at the Unitarian Church Halls, Abington Square. Northampton.

I went to the beginners class, stayed for the whole evening and was hooked! I am eternally grateful for the patience, kindness and friendship of the late Roy Biggs who took the beginners class at that time, and very often the advanced class later. Many friendships have formed over the years and although not everyone has continued with Aikido the common thread that bought us together remains.

I eventually took my Ist Dan in 1989 along with Andrea Wilson, Pete Blaney, John Wevill (deceased). This was another journey, not only with Aikido, but travelling to other Aikido clubs and seminars to see many different instructors and to practice with different Aikidokas. I have always found wherever you go with Aikido, you are made very welcome.

I taught at the Unitarian Church for a few years. This was followed by my opening my own dojo at The Boys Club Far Cotton. Northampton, but after a couple of years teaching there, the needs of my family had to take priority and I finished the club.  I visited various clubs when I could, but missed the regular practice so I decided to take a brake until my children went to University. People asked me why I had finished with Aikido, my reply was “I haven’t finished, I just don’t have the time to go to practice.”

The children went to University and I went back to practice and continue to do so.

I was graded to 3rd Dan in June 2015.

PS. I still teach dance and choreograph!