This Thursday – 5th April – Aikido Grading

Hi All,

This Thursday, Charlie and Mike will be taking a grading, so if at all possible, please come along.

It would be great to get a few people there for moral support and to also provide different Uke for them. If you’re a relative beginner, it would be good for you to see what is required of you for the intermediate grades.

There will be a normal class through to around 9:15 and then the Grading will take place.

We hope to see you there.

Cheers – Steve

Beginners Grading 30th March

There will be a grading for the beginners who have been with us for a while on the last Thursday in March (30th).

Even if you haven’t been told you will be grading, please come along to support those who are and also to see what is expected on your first grading.

There is also an article on this website in the members area, which explains what the instructors are looking for when you grade, which you may find useful.

Please speak to either myself or Cathy if you have any questions.

Cheers Steve






Grimsby Aikido Course – June 2015 – Update 1

Grimsby Aikido Course – June 2015 – Update 1

Hi Everyone,

Here is the first of two updates on the Aikido course in Grimsby a few weeks ago.

For all those that couldn’t make it, it really was a great course and even though we from Aikido Northampton did not stop for the Sunday session, we thoroughly enjoyed it, both on and off the mat !

It started off on Friday evening with our old friend (in both senses of the phrase) Mike Jennings being awarded a long overdue grade of 4th Dan, made even more special by the completely full mat and also an appearance by his first ever Aikido Instructor John Gorry

.Mike Jennings Class2

Mike Jennings Class1

mike aub old instr.

John Gorry explaining how he knocked some Aikdo basics into Mike on his first class

Well Done Mike !